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Originally Posted by MaximusFunk24 View Post
where are you located and what size boot do you need? If you are anywhere near Saranac Lake, Dewey Mt is having their ski swap saturday morning. With the NNN bindings, make sure you dont get NNN-BC boots which look similar but have a larger bar.

For the 3 pin: duckbill length shouldnt make any difference, but the thickness might. Do those bindings have multiple notches to allow for different thicknesses? Some only have 1 or 2 notches and wont fit the fat bills that more modern boots have. Also, that heel plate is meant for the older boots that have a heel groove for it to go into and would probably be annoying with newer boots. I bet you could just trim it down with a knife.

Are the Edsbyn skis waxless? If so, you will also want to buy some maxiglide or swix easy glide if you didnt already know.

I am a 9 1/2 shoe i believe thats 44 eu size
Nnn bindings are marked nnn
No indication of bc
Do nnn bc bindings have a bc marking?
The 3 pin binding has a wire bail that attaches to what looks like 3 notches in the lever

Unfortunately am not near saranc lake, am from nyc with land in nw adirondacks
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