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I paddle Lake George quite frequently as I live in the area. You likely don't have this option but launching from Shelving Rock is an even safer bet to the accessing the The Narrows. I've done it many times on day trips and a few over-nighters in The Narrows. The problem is that Shelving Rock is Day Use only, so there's no overnight parking. When I camped, my wife dropped me off and picked me up, but if you have others in your party you may be able to arrange something.

All of the forewarnings about Lake George here are legit, especially weekend boat traffic. If you can go mid-week, and before July 4 weekend, that's a plus. The winds can get nasty, which is relevant on any big Adirondack lake. As long as you prepare and are cautious regarding the conditions, you should be fine. It IS a beautiful lake.
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