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Old 12-09-2016, 01:32 PM   #1
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J & J Rogers high peaks logging

Final logging post

Besides Indian Pass, Avalanche/Marcy and the John's Brook area mentioned in previous posts, J & J Rogers logged on Whiteface/Esther, the Jay Range, Giant/Hopkins/Green and in the Dix-Round-Noonmark regions.
Prior to 1920 the AMR (Ausable Club) and McIntyre Mining Co. owned a majority of the high Peaks land. The dividing boundary actually went right over the summit of Marcy with the AMR owning the Great Range, down into the Johns Brook Valley and down to and including Indian Falls. While J & J owned some of the lands they logged (Marcy Dam/Avalanche, Indian Pass, Big Slide, Whiteface etc.) they also were contracted to log on lands the AMR owned - Indian Falls, Wolf Jaws/Armstrong, Giant, Noonmark, etc.
On Whiteface, J & J Rogers had 4 wet chutes (slips) transporting their logs down the mountain into the Ausable. One sent logs down between Little Whiteface and Whiteface (near the current ski trails) with the logs entering the river a bit below High Falls Gorge. Another chute existed high up on White Brook between Marble, Lookout and Esther. This chute joined a third chute that originated just below the current Toll Booth on the Whiteface Highway. The little pond that is visible where the roads split 100 feet before the Toll Booth (Stevens Pond) was dammed to provide water for this chute (the track of which is still evident in places). This chute entered the Ausable about where Steinhoff's Bar is located in the village of Wilmington (the chute actually passed under what is now rt. 86). A fourth chute, which brought logs down from a westerly direction, joined this third chute just before rt. 86, across the road from Steinhoff's.
In the Jay Range, a well documented wet slip which was close to 8 miles long, carried logs down near Styles Brook. These logs were deposited in the Ausable River where route 9N and Styles Brook road intersect. Foundation supports for this chute can still be found high up above the Glen in the Jay Range. Pictures of this chute show it passing perhaps 25 feet above route 9N with numerous logs dropping into a flooded Ausable River.
Operations on Giant/Hopkins operated out of a large logging camp located approximately a mile east of the Hopkins - Giant trail intersection, high up on Putnam Brook. These logs were skidded down a logging road that paralleled Putnam Brook (on the brook's northwest side).
Logging on Ausable Club land was permitted soon after the 1903 fire. Burnt sections of AMR land included Round Mountain, Noonmark and the Boquet Valley leading up to the base of Dix. Unsightly, dead trees resulted making removal of these trees acceptable to the Club. This operation began with the construction of a logging road that headed up between Round and Noonmark. This followed the original Dix Trail from the Club. Logs cut in the Boquet Valley were hauled out through this notch. Logs cut up on the east side of Bear Den were skidded out on a road that followed what was then (1906) called the "new Dix Trail". This trail ascended from the Ausable Club's Lake Road, through the notch between Noonmark and Bear Den, descending into the Boquet Valley not far from Gravestone Brook. The logs from Round, the summit of which was totally tree covered prior to the fire, were sent down a steep, dry, log chute. Another chute was visible from the porch of the Ausable Club and it descended from near the summit of Noonmark into the notch.

Some of the log chutes in the mountains at this time:
Whiteface (numerous)
Spruce Hill in Keene
Nippletop (dropping into Hunter's Pass)
Colden (near where Hurricane Floyd Slide occurred in Avalanche Pass)
Wallface (eastern flank at entrance to Indian Pass)
Mount Adams (trench still discernable, west of current hiking trail)
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Old 12-09-2016, 04:58 PM   #2
Hard Scrabble
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J & J Rogers made fine paper in Ausable Forks.
They had a dam at the narrows of Taylor Pond which is still visible today.
The folks in Keeseville could tell what color paper was being made.
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Old 12-09-2016, 09:01 PM   #3
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Thanks for sharing this very interesting info. Can you identify the log sluice pictured in this thread?:
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Old 12-09-2016, 09:44 PM   #4
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 89
That is supposedly the famous 7.5 mile chute in the Jay Range that comes down along Styles Brook Road. There is a rare book in the Ausable Forks Library written by a daughter of one of the Rogers - Elsa Voelcher. Only 3 copies exist. Anyway, that photo appears in that book and Elsa captioned that photo with "Trestle out of the Glen - 8 and 1/2 miles long". Thus most people consider that to be an accurate photo of that long slip. I called her a few times and she had little knowledge about the accuracy of that photo but stated that she wrote down in the book what was labeled on the photos. Anyway, it doesn't look correct to me. I want to drive up there and look again but from the looks of that photo, I have 2 other places in mind that could be where that slip actually was. It is certainly J & J Rogers and that narrows it down...It should be relatively easy to locate that spot with the ridgeline and rock outcrop showing...
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Old 12-10-2016, 08:22 AM   #5
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Keep coming with this info! If not the High Peaks area, there are others; very fun to read!
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