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Old 05-19-2011, 09:37 PM   #1
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Flies I use to pull!!

Here is the flies I use for pulling

Well first off here is what has been drilled in to me by my team mates over the years, its not a single fly that will catch you fish, but more the combination of flies and what they do together. When I fish, most of the time a team of three, despite it being harder to cast, the benefits out way the negatives. So lets first start by a simple setup my standard leader for everything except dries, I fish a 15ft straight fluorocarbon "no tapper" I tie in two 9inch dropper tags 5ft apart, so you ask why 5ft apart two reasons, first trout like to chase flies, so when they key in on a fly they tend to stay back until there ready, so if there unsure about a pattern they will follow it for some time and might find the other flys following and take one of them, second your able to fish different depths with a floating line, each fly will be 5 feet down ferther then the others. So when I talk about top dropper its the one closest to the fly line, middle dropper the one in the centre and point fly is the one at the end of the leader.

The importance of what position flies go on the team is crucial, when I am pulling flies I put the brightest fly on the top dropper something like blob, sparkler, or a fly that can move water like a muddler see pics below. The reason for this is to catch the attention of the fish, ether by seeing something bright going through the water or feeling it with there lateral line, in the case of the muddler, they will hit this flie, but more importantly they with also be turned on the two flies in the team witch in most cases are more natural colours. Here are the flies I would put on my top dropper.

"Sparkler" this fly can be in different colors, brookies in the fall just love this fly.

Here is how you tie it

"Blob" this fly I use all the time, just google Blob and you will see all the colors
Sunburst is my favourite color, but bright Orange is a close second.

here is some of the standard colors

Bows love "cats whisker"

The middle dropper is the non flash fly like cormorants, snatchers, small leaches, these flies are natural, most of the time being turn on by the top dropper.

"Cormorant" Black wing all kinds of color body, same for green. I was turned on to this fly, when I was fishing against a Brit and he kicked my BUTT. I fish this fly alot now!!!!!!!

here are some great colors

"Cruncher" its like a PT but with hackle

"Diawl Bach"

"Kate McLaren"

"Snatcher" in all colors, I like mostly darker earth colors, if you google this fly you'll see all the colors

"Damsel" everyone has there own favourites

"Clan Chief Fly"


Now the point this position can be used with a natural looking fly, flashy or Boobies. The other two droppers we fish unweighted flies but this position we use both. This is the most important position for presentation in combination with the line you can make the other flies do all sorts of things. You can use all the flies on the middle dropper and also:

"Vampire leech" this is one of my favourite flies

"silver Hummungus"


Dawson's Olive

Now Boobies this is a funny looking fly, with floating line you can fish your other two flies just below the surface, with a sinking line it will hold the other flies up give a vertical presentation. you could just tie it on a fast sinking line, have the line sit on the bottom and the fly floats up just off the bottom. You can make your other flies do so much with this fly. I'll talk more about this fly in the presentation post.

Now here is the boobies, there is lots of combos and colours of the eyes but a black booby with white eyes are great any where.

Cruncher Booby my best booby

here is great way of tying it

Chironomid are a whole other setup so I'll do a post just on them.

Hope this helps

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Old 05-19-2011, 10:56 PM   #2
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Thanks for sharing!
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Old 05-20-2011, 01:19 AM   #3
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Excellent! This is going to be a lot of fun!
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Old 05-20-2011, 07:15 AM   #4
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 49
Here is a great combo that I fish alot in the fall when the brookies are high and chasing

Sparkler on the first dropper a black wing silver cormorant and a Invicta muddler on the point, fished with medium sink line, like a di3. By having the Invicta muddler on the point it keeps the end of the leader at the surface or near too and the line slow sinks makes the other flies go just be low. I had my first ever triple header on this combo, first fish to the cormorant, second hit the sparkler, when I was about 5ft from the boat with these two fish, a third grabbed the Invicta muddler

"Invicta muddler" its like a baby muddler minnow
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