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Old 11-18-2003, 05:21 PM   #21
skiing demi-god
hillman1's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Oswego ny on the river
Posts: 557
Actually I'm not an alcoholic, I just thought that was funny. I'm on the oswego county sar team headed by Roger Fox. He seems to be some sort of higher up in the teams, because at the staging center for that rescue, he was the head honcho. By the way, I ski alot also. If anyone is up for some backcountry, pm me, or post on here. See y'all in the mountains.
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Old 11-18-2003, 07:13 PM   #22
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: up country
Posts: 31
My father was from Mars, my mother from Venus. Here in computer land I am more a stone age ameba than interplanetry tripper (I hope.)
I haven't been in the Adirondacks in neigh on 30+ years. Back then, when I was going to save the world, I went to some religious school up in Pottersville NY but I would need a map to find out where the heck I was. This weekend will be my 1st Vermont hike ..looking forward to it very much.
We spend the school year here in the states (my wife is a music teacher & I'm a carpenter) and spend the rest of our time in Quebec with an eye towards Labrador.
I'd like to know my way around the Adirondacks more. My understanding is that it makes up a large part of the Great North Woods. I would like to hike some of it's winter Mnts or traverse sections of the lowland on snowshoes or skis.
I would probably need to make plans with others who know their way around that neck of the woods.....till then I hope to learn a bit more from this board..thanks...spider
goin up country where the water taste like wine...
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Old 11-19-2003, 11:42 PM   #23
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: South Glens Falls
Posts: 105
I am 31 years old and have been hiking in the Adirondacks for 19 years. I got started hiking in the Boy Scouts, and finished my 46 in high school along with two other hiking buddies. I moved to Virginia after college (SUNY Binghamton) to take a job with an environmental consulting company as a geologist.

I began to miss the Adirondacks and the work grew dull, so after 5 years in Virginia I moved back where I belong, in the Dacks. That was 3 years ago, and I still have yet to find a suitable long-term job, but I can't complain too much. My lack of real employment allows me to work every summer as a whitewater raft guide on the Hudson River, a job I absolutely love. I cannot imagine a better, more enjoyable job. Perhaps I could set up a gathering for this forum in the spring and we could go whitewater rafting. Since moving back to the Adirondacks I have also finished my Winter 46.

I also work part time at the Saratoga EMS, as well as at a local gym.


PS I'm still looking for work, so if you have any suggestions for an unemployed geologist, please PM me.
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Old 11-20-2003, 10:27 AM   #24
Mountain Man Moderator
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Was outside the envelope now I'm stuck to the flap
Posts: 105

Somehow I can't envision you wearing Ruby slippers!
"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."
~~Theodore Roosevelt~~
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Old 11-20-2003, 12:30 PM   #25
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Salt Point, NY
Posts: 92
Although my family has been vacationing in the Adirondacks for five generations and so I have been up there for anywhere from a week to three weeks per year since age 3 months, it was in the Boy Scouts that I acquired my passion for hiking/backpacking. I spent my first long-term trip on the NP trail from Blue Mt (Tirell Pond) to Lake Placid in 1992 and discovered the Hudson Highlands near my home in Dutchess County as dayhikes while training for the NP trail. The memories and images I retained from those day trips and crowned with the NP trek were never to leave me. Not having any money or a reliable car I spent high school exploring my native Hudson Highlands and then college in barren and detested Virginia taught me what a treasure we have in the Adirondacks (Johnnycakes -- I understand completely your need to pack up and get out of Virginia, it was unbearable especially when everyone down there talked about how pretty a state it was!).

After college I landed a job here in Connecticut (which I rate probably one step below Virginia) and I now spend most weekends somewhere in the Northeast on some outdoor adventure although I tend to gravitate to the Adirondacks. I've since completed the NP trail three times and am presently at 30 peaks towards the 46, 15 towards the 35 Catskills, and 51 towards the Northeast's 115. I work as an editor for a non-profit and moonlight with a part-time job as a proofreader at a newspaper. I'm just now ending my third semester of attending part-time law school. While I manage to keep busy, the mountains is where I clear my head, blow off stress and rejuvenate myself. Whenever I find time I continue to pop in on my old Scout troop for an outing here and there to give back to today's youth the skills and love of the outdoors that Scouting gave to me. I consistently lead a week-long high adventure trip for the Scouts each August, most recently paddling on the Allagash up in Maine.

I'm 25, my real name is Mike, and my trailname - RiseAboveHiker - is meant to convey not only hiking high altitudes but also the need to "rise above" the setbacks, discomforts and obstacles we meet in varying form on outings that in turn prepare us to deal with these challenges in our jobs and families in real life. How's that for a name?

I enjoyed reading about everyone else out there; it's a pleasure to make everyone's acquaintance.
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Old 11-20-2003, 02:55 PM   #26
46er #5193W
Willie's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 240
Here’s my story. I grew up in Schenectady, NY and started hiking in the ADKs in 1978. After high school, I went to Paul Smith’s College, then transferred to Univ. of New Hampshire (B.S. in Forestry). After graduation, I entered the Army as a Lieutenant, served in various places (e.g. Ft. Bragg, NC and Germany) and got out as a Captain. After the Army I was bored, so I went to graduate school and earned an M.S. in Geology at Univ. of Pittsburgh. I started on a Ph.D. but dropped out and went to law school in Portland, OR. I now live in Chicago and practice corporate defense. For years I’ve been working on a scheme to get back to the ADKs, but the ruby slippers don’t seem to work and I don’t have the guts to quit my job and go. I’m 42.
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Old 11-21-2003, 12:29 AM   #27
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: South Glens Falls
Posts: 105
Willie & Mike 1889,
Nice to see two other geologists on the board. Interesting that none of us are employed in the field.

I was inside the Washington DC Beltway, and while I tried a few hiking trips in the Shenandoah Park, it just wasn't the Adirondacks. Oh, and the traffic SUCKED. At times I found myself thinking that I could relate to Michael Douglas's character in the movie "Falling Down" in the very first scene of the movie.

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Old 11-27-2003, 02:35 PM   #28
adk-46r's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Saranac lake
Posts: 179
I have lived in the Adk Park my whole life. My passion has always been the outdoors. I did not do my first high peak till 1993. I could never figure why you would want to climb something you could not hunt or fish on. I wanted to do Marcy though just to say I did it. That sept. 93 trip got me hooked and I finished my 46 in oct. of 95. I took a short sabatical from hiking in 98 and really got back into it in 2002. I am working on my 46 in all 4 seasons and just for the pleasure of hiking.
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Old 12-03-2003, 02:39 PM   #29
Wolfjaw's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The Land o' Lawns
Posts: 10

I’m 50 (naw…pshhh…naw…). I am happily married (25th next September) and have a daughter in college and a son in high school.

I do database management to help keep a roof overhead. Since I live in the level landscape of central New Jersey (the Land o’ Lawns), I keep myself fit with karate—I can’t shoot baskets to save my life and jogging gives me the Cold Robbies. When I’m not found in the woods somewhere, I play music to keep to keep a spiritual roof overhead. I’m in a blues band (Catfish) and an eclectic acoustic band (Across the Street). We play out in local venues (pubs and bookstores, festivals and parties).That said, though, there is one venue I truly love above all others: sitting on the duff with my acoustic guitar accompanying the roar of a brook below me and the wind rushing high through the trees up above.

I began climbing the High Peaks (Lower Wolfjaw) with my family when I was 4 and finished the 46 on my own when I was 44 (Couchsachraga). In 40 years in between I climbed many of the major “trailed” peaks with my family; when the family stopped climbing, I continued on my own, climbing the remaining trailed peaks and then reclimbing many, resisting solo-climbing on the “trailless” peaks until I realized if I didn’t do them on my own, I wouldn’t do them at all. There were also a number of years when I didn’t come into the high peaks at all preferring, in the folly of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, to waste my time and squander good fortune. But I found my way back and if it didn’t make me stronger, neither did it kill me, I am now accompanying my son on his 46 (he’s at #17) and unless he chases me off or leaves me behind, he’ll have my company on all 46 and I will have an absolute blast becoming a 92-r

I really appreciate this site: its openness to the whole community and its acceptance of tangential posts. But most of all I like the fact that it is specifically about the Adirondacks--there is no place on earth I would rather be.

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Old 12-20-2003, 08:46 PM   #30
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Otisco Lake CNY
Posts: 6

I'm 17 year old girl near Syracuse, NY. I live on Otisco Lake. I have been car camping and hiking with my family since I was a baby. We had many family trips out to California, Texas, Idaho and Florida, and on the way we would camp out. out. My dad is a big outdoors guy so he taught me to apreciate the wilderness, and showed me that it can teach you a lot of things and gives you challenges. I had been hiking in the adirondacks many times, but never hiked a high peak.
Girl Scouts has also helped me explore the outdoors. I have lead numerous encampments, teaching outdoor skills like fire building, map and compass and outdoor cooking. I also have three older friends (freshmen in college) who have taught me a lot and took me on trips. I have hiked seven high peaks, we go backpaking 2-3 times a year. I was 13 on my first backpaking trip up Marcy. I earned my backpaking badge which helped me learn the essencials. Most of the planning was done for me but I learned what needs to be done. My second trip was up Cascade and Porter, taking the less traveled Garden route. I have also hiked the upper range, ended up hiking 17 hours straight, long story, but I learned that you have to be careful who you choose as hiking partners. I hiked Skylight most recently. I enjoy hiking because its fun to be with friends and meet new challenges. And its a good way to meet new people. You can feel free to be yourself and not worry. I would like to backpack more, and i'm starting an outdoor club, and looking for more peole who enjoy backpacking.
This summer I did a program called SCA (Student Conservation Assiociation) where I did trail work off Lake Chelan in Washington State for a month. I also backpacked for 25 miles. Western hiking has such beatiful sceanery. It was so amazing, especially when we hiked Courtney Peak for sunrise and saw numurous spectecular mountains surrounding us. If you ever get a chance to go to Washington, hike the Prince Creek trail off of Lake Chelan, I helped build it!!!. I love Washington!!!
"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."
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Old 01-25-2004, 05:22 PM   #31
Bad Seed
Rick's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Glacial Erratic along Finger Lakes Trail 2005
Posts: 349
Hi Everyone -
I just took a side trail over form VFTT and ended up here!!!!!

I grew up between Buffalo and Rochester and started hiking in Boy Scouts. I am 44 - I spent 3 years in the Army and spent the next decade getting my BS and MBA and my pastimes were waterskiing, bicycling and bodybuilding - I then moved to the midwest for a few years before realizing I had everything I wanted in WNY and moving back. (Not much to do in Kansas and Missouri)
My first trip in the Adirondacks was 1990 I did a 56 mile in & out backpack on the Northville Placid Trail and instantly, I knew how I wanted to spend my leisure time for the rest of my life. I ended up becoming a 46er and being involved with the ADK for the past 11-12 years (leading hikes and being on committees for the Genesee Valley Chapters as well as being on the BOG for 3 years.)

I am married (Got engaged on Big Slide in 1997) and we have a 3-year old son. We moved to PA as of 3 years ago and I am now leading trips for the Delaware Valley Chapter of the AMC now (though I still belong to the ADK and 46ers).

My favorite places are Alaska (going back again this year), Joshua Tree National Park, The Fells in the UK Lake District (Goal is to climb them all), The Adirondacks and the AT in NJ (Beleive it or not) and paddling my yaks on the Finger Lakes (Hemlock and Canadice are my favs.)

I am looking forward to meeting a lot of fok son this board, but I think I already "know" many of you from VFTT.
The measure of your ignorance is your belief in tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the universe, the master calls the butterfly...
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Old 01-25-2004, 10:40 PM   #32
Senior Resident Curmudgeon
redhawk's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: In My Memories
Posts: 10,929
Hi, I'm Redhawk and I'm (OOOPS)

Guess I'm the old fart here! 62 Years old on the 15th.

I'll answer the question before it is asked, Redhawk IS my real name. I am 50% Minniconjou (Lakota, or Sioux), 25% Nez perce and 25% Caucasian. I was raised on the Cheyenne River reservation in SD until I was six years old and then my Mother brought me east. I currently reside in Wells NY in the Southern ADK's. I have been here for five years.

I am retired, although I work for a contracter now and then and in the Spring I do BTI Applications in the Wells/Hope/Benson area.

I have been in the outdoors as long as I can remember and I get out into the wild as often as I can. I have spent time in the wilderness in many states, have worked as a camp cook, guide, and taught Outward Bound classes.

I prefer Bushwhacks to trails, mostly because I prefer solitude. My Longest Hike was in 1995. I hiked from Whitewood, SD to Sequoia National park in California. Total time out was seven months, I had no place I had to be and no time that I had to be there.

My most recent long hike was a portion of the Northville-Placid Trail, from Averyville to Blue Mountain Lake about 56 miles. I had intended to go all the wy to piseco but the weather was just too rainy and miserable for a week.

I have emphysema and it has only caused me to slow down a little although I have never set a fast pace. (Once you get to the wilderness, why rush to get out?).

I sometimes think that I might be pushing my luck now, but then I ask myself, what better place to finish this journey and begin the next one?
"If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it." Lyndon B. Johnson
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Old 01-26-2004, 04:14 AM   #33
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: On the PA-NY Border
Posts: 24
A little about me...

My name is Seth, I'm 28 years old, and live in Tioga PA. I work for Corning Incorporated as a process technician. I was first introduced to hiking in the ADKS by morrell12 in June of 2001. The peak he chose was Redfield, a trailless one no On the way up I was ready to make this my last hiking trip to the ADKS because of all the blowdown we had to go over and under since we didn't pick up the herd path in the right spot. Needless to say when we reached the summit I was hooked and have been back at least once a year since.
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Old 01-26-2004, 07:49 PM   #34
Posts: n/a

I probably should have chose something a little more easier but you are in way better shape then I am and thought you could handle it. You with a few cuss words if I remember. I am so glad you are my hiking partner and I look forward to the many more trips together as we finsish my 46 and then yours.

Happy Trails,

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Old 01-27-2004, 12:44 AM   #35
Bad Seed
Rick's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Glacial Erratic along Finger Lakes Trail 2005
Posts: 349
Redfield as your first peak???

Only the best of friends or worst of enemies would send you up there, right out of the gate.

Not to worry - My first 7 were trailless
1 Seymour
2 Redfield
3 Cliff
4 Marshall
5 Seward
6 Emmons
7 Donaldson

Boy was I steamed when I found out there were peaks with trails all the way to the summit
The measure of your ignorance is your belief in tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the universe, the master calls the butterfly...
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Old 02-01-2004, 05:54 PM   #36
Climber Obsessed
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Fairport, NY (Summer); Canton, NY (Fall-Spring)
Posts: 22
I'm Chris, I'm 17 - currently I'm an Emergency Medical Services dispatcher in Monroe County (Rochester). Also taking my EMT so I can get out and medic. I'm also a high school student. been hiking and camping all my life. I've climbed 17 of the high peaks, also rock climbed (the beer walls) and slide climbed (upper wolfjaw and the trap dike) in the ADKs. I hopefully will be attending St. Lawrence University next year.

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Old 02-06-2004, 11:30 AM   #37
Senior Resident Curmudgeon
redhawk's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: In My Memories
Posts: 10,929
[i]I am currently a 46er Correspondence to keep mountain climbing alive within me. As I am unable to climb due to an automobile accident almost 2 years ago.
ADK46r got me hooked on this site. Thank God he did. I love it. [/B]
Are you able to do the flatland?

I am a bit encumbered as far as doing any high peaks. Emphysema, torn rotator cuff and tennis elbow (which I cannot afford surgery for), I have had three back surgeries since 1978, when I was diagnosed with "degenerative back disease" and was told I would be in a wheelchair at 50 (I am now 62), two "mini strokes" (according to the doctors, I don't think they really know what they were) and in 1994 I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon and liver and given 1 year if I took radiation and chemotherapy. I opted out and went back to the rez to die among my People. Obviously, the doctors were wrong. Today there is no sign of any cancer, it was gone in a year. Lakota Medicine and a strong regamin of what I have done all my life, walk among the bowels of the mother! There is not a doubt in my mind that I am alive and active today because I refused to succomb to the barriers trying to prevent me from communicating with my God, My way.

I know that there is much beauty here in the dacks, and for a good deal of it, strenuous effort is not necessary. I can take anyone who does not believe in God to places here in the Southern Dacks, an easy walk under the canopy of the grandfather trees, and they will return with their minds changed.

I guess what I am saying is that I hope you are finding ways to continue doing what you love. Who knows, a trail here, a bushwhack there and maybe in a few years you'll be leading a grandchild up a peak, their eyes filled with wonderment.

After all, It's One Step At A Time!
"If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it." Lyndon B. Johnson
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Old 02-06-2004, 12:55 PM   #38
Yeah, buddy!
NukedRocket's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 564
redhawk, Skyclimber2971w...

I think I can speak for this group when I say you are both truely inspirational to us all. My God be with you both on your journeys...
Sometimes I think better with my head in the clouds...
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Old 02-06-2004, 01:23 PM   #39
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Pittsfield, Ma
Posts: 21
Its impossible to add anything to what Nukedrocket and RedHawk have said. Except to say,They are wise and true spirts.
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Old 02-19-2004, 04:32 PM   #40
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 11

I found this place last week. Read all the posts, and decided to skip my usual year or so of lurking.

I live in Connecticut, moved here from North Carolina. Grew up outside of Buffalo. I spend most of my backpacking time in the White Mountains but joined a internet trip to the Adirondaks last summer mostly to meet the people going on the trip. The people were great and so are the Adirondaks. Can't wait to get back.
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